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Co-Writer: a collaborative songwriter who shares writing credits and/or royalties with the performing artist.

Draft: a piece of writing or drawing that is done early in the development of a work to help prepare it in its final form.

EPK: An Electronic Press Kit. This is a resume that promoters, venue talent buyers, journalists, and music supervisors use to understand who you are as an artist, what you bring to the table, and ultimately why they should care about you.

Lyrics: the words of a song.

Slots: availability for certain writing services.


All written content for drafts is original and intended for guidance in preparation for final drafts for personal or professional purposes. Therefore, after delivery, all customers are responsible for all final edits, etc. We currently do not offer drafts for screenplays/ short stories. Also, only double-spaced drafts are provided.


Due to high demand, lyrics are currently offered via invitation only. This particular writing service features our writers predominantly writing verses in all musical genres for customers while aiding in the online distribution. Writing credits, royalty splits, and other associated elements are provided during the ordering process.


Due to high demand at times, drafts can be ordered pre-ordered at least two weeks ahead of time. There are typically two different delivery times offered for your chosen delivery date (i.e. 6pm or 9pm). These delivery times are in Eastern Standard Time. Please use the time conversion tool featured in the ordering menu. Most importantly, please make sure that the correct formatting style (i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago) is chosen in addition to the required content and delivery date. Lastly, prior to contacting customer support regarding the delivery of the ordered item, please check your SPAM folder. All sales are final.


Merch, Paperback Orders and Digital Downloads

Our original written series (i.e. The CapeTown Series, Lab Notes, etc.)  are available in both paperback and digital formats (.pdf). Their respective soundtracks are distributed via digital download in the .mp3 format. The estimated delivery time for paperback orders is typically within 7 days of the order. Once the order has been processed and dispatched, an estimated delivery date will be provided via email with 24 – 48 hours. All digital deliveries are offered via temporary download links within the email address provided. Please contact customer support if you have any issues associated with either form of delivery. We currently offer international paperback distribution, however, if you are in either Australia or New Zealand, please use the associated Amazon purchase link.


We retain the copyright for all written material

What in the Fuck is “The CapeTown Series” ?

Our original fictional science fiction web serial which features an unorthodox collection of heroes, politicians, and officers trying to do whatever is necessary to help prevent World War 3.