Lab Notes: the Blueprint to Success [ReLoaded]

Writer: Caspero Adonis
Cover Artists: Caspero Adonis
Published: June 6th, 2022
Age Rating: M (18+) Contains moderate profanity
Genre(s): Self-help, Business
Page Count: 270

Book Dimensions: Standard Edition: 6″ x 9″

This innovative guide demonstrates the tricks, secrets, and shortcuts used by some of the best as the book is broken down into three layers that correspond with the readers’ slice of success:

•The Cream
•The Content
•The Bottom Crust

Incorporating aspects of science, “Lab Notes” provides a collection of brief yet concise guidelines to help birth a newer generation of independent thinkers and business leaders as follows:

•Those Damn Pills
•The Memory Palace
•Beast Mode/ The Helium Balloon Theory
•Investing and Credit
•Brand Recognition
•Being Organic: The Value of Likes and Promotion
•Planned Obsolescence and Cutting Costs
•Overchoice and Distribution

This beginner’s guide eliminates the overwhelming and expensive clutter of the typical college curriculum and gets straight to the point. So, you can multitask and earn more money like a beast even if you’re a broke college student or dropout. Also functioning as a personalized notebook, it’s ideal for writing notes, rhymes, illustrating, journaling, and etching your blueprint towards success.

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