The Carrot Mix: The 27 Clubb, ULTRA

Completed in the summer of 2013, but previously unreleased, this project executive produced and mixed by Caspero Adonis is a mashup of instrumentals sampling and inspired by the members of the infamous ``27 Club``. The project is separated into 6 Acts inspired by each featured artist. The extra ``B`` is for ``beloved``

The Carrot Mix: 80's Edition

The mix inspired by and dedicated to all the 80's babies and the nostalgic coke heads

The Carrot Mix: ``Call Me Duchess (Deluxe)`` `{`NSFW`}`

The newly released complete soundtrack and abridged audio book version of our most popular release, ``The CapeTown Series, Volume 0: Call Me Duchess`` `{`NSFW`}`. The original eBook version is available on our merch page

The Carrot Mix: 90's Edition

The beasts in the east and best in the west mashup from the golden age of hip-hop - the 1990s

The Carrot Mix: Pull Out for What?!

Just leave it in for once and enjoy the moist while jammin' out to this mix..

The Carrot Mix: Love and Money (Part 1)

The best of both worlds...

The Carrot Mix: Gaming Edition

Dubstep + Gaming... Rock On...

The Carrot Mix: Bitcoin Billionaire `{`Part 1`}`

Aim for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud...

The Carrot Mix: The Weekend Edition

It's the weekend bitch...

The Carrot Mini Mix: Multisyllabic Rap

A few of the greats in hip-hop showcasing the multisyllabic rhyme style

The Carrot Mini Mix: Nas Sweet 16s

A few of the greatest 16 bars from one of hip-hop's greatest MCs...

The Carrot Mix: Cartoons Edition

Hip Hop and Anime, why the fuck now?...