The CapeTown Series, Volume 1:

“A City Called Seven”

Writers: Caspero Adonis & dusten gilchrist
Cover Artist: Caspero Adonis
Age Rating: M (18+) Must be 18 Years or Older
Year: 2023
Genre(s):  Sci-Fi, Crime, Dark Humor
Page Count: 139

In the sunny city of Seven City, California, crime, corruption, and distractions by the government are a part of everyday American life. When the world’s first and only superhero (Elon a.k.a. Alibi) and his sidekick (Vincent) fall out with one another and retire, international public safety soon hangs in the balance. However, the timing couldn’t be worse as the onset of World War III is slowly approaching. Hope is soon left in the hands of a promising yet clumsy band of heroes whose collective abilities, perversions, and flaws are all that stand in way of nuclear oblivion.

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