EPK | Artist Biography: Stephen Arthur

Innovative and illustrious are just two of the many words that can be used to describe Stephen Arthur as both a creator and a brand as a whole. Hailing from Birmingham, UK, the young and ambitious designer has slowly but surely made a name for himself in the world of fashion and design since launching his namesake company in 2013. Pouring in his passion and planting his artistic seeds of excellence into the aspects of fashion and artistic expression, the ultimate fruits of the Mr. Arthur’s labor and unique perspective have not only come along in the form of renowned showcases of his latest designs, but also a buzzing online store and a physical shop located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. By far however, the subsequent depth of this young designer’s repertoire will come to be exemplified and extended with the opening of a new store located in Bullring, Birmingham, UK. Opening on the 23rd of November, this second store – The Stephen Arthur Collective – will feature a blend of some of the most celebrated works of Mr. Arthur alongside collections of newly designed merchandise for eager followers within his native British market. Predominantly drawing inspiration from the curvaceous silhouettes and figures of women of all sizes as well as UK artists such as Banks, it can easily be said that the best is yet to come as Mr. Arthur gradually branches out throughout Europe and overseas markets with his online collections and upcoming lines of attire.