GoFundMe/KickStarter/ Pitch Deck Sample: Comic Book

Over the past couple of years, our small team of writers have invested hundreds of hours into the development of our stories and were fortunate enough to be picked up by a subsidiary of a major publisher. In the long run however, things did not turn out as we expected with the publisher failing to provide us with the percentage of royalties we were entitled to as well as appropriate credits and copyrights for certain characters we created. After months of going back and forth with emails and frustrating phone calls, this publisher finally agreed to nullify our contract in the exchange of an even larger share of our owed royalties.

On a positive note, this experience has taught us quite a lot about intellectual property, contracts, copyrights, and artist rights and rather than going toe to toe in an overwhelming battle with another publisher, we have decided to go the independent route and create our own comic book imprint. With the re-acquisition of our intellectual property (our stories and characters) we are relaunching our comic series in a digital and print format to help reach our international audience.

Revenue stemming from this fundraiser will go towards the costs of printing, purchasing additional supplies (i.e. scanners, ink) and promo. Feel free to read some copies of our critically acclaimed titles by clicking here. We are trying to raise an additional $5,000 to help accomplish this. Major contributors will receive free promotional gear and exclusive limited-edition copies of our latest releases!

Goal: $5,000