GoFundMe/KickStarter/ Pitch Deck Sample: Clothing Line [Men]

About Us

For as long as I could remember, I have always gravitated towards creative expression and fashion. Consequently, I have dedicated the past three years towards developing and independently manufacturing and distributing my clothing line XYZ Tees right here in the heart of Hawaii. Our four-man team is very hands on and through gradual familiarity with regards to customer tastes and trial and error, we have been able to become quite known on the underground surfer and skateboarder scene although we have also been able to tap into the urban market here in Honolulu. As community activists and young men who have greatly benefited from local programs such as the Boys & Girls Club, we always donate percentages of our earnings to help protect and fund local programs that ensure creative development among the youth.

Through our company website, social media presence, and recent app we have been able to remain active to meet the demand of our ever-expanding following. However, with dreams of expanding even more while simultaneously having a positive impact on other communities in regard to community outreach, we are raising funds to help purchase, produce, and ship out more materials. We’ve been in touch with some great contacts on mainland and oversea suppliers in Tokyo, the UK, and Hong Kong but additional shipping costs can add up. We have independently raised $10,000 throughout the past 6 months by chipping in individually with money from our respective 9 to 5 jobs, but now need some additional funding to help bring our aspirations to fruition both on and off the island. Accordingly, we are trying to raise another $5,000. Please help our dreams come true!

Goal: $5,000

Progress 82%